Swedish Massage inherently assists the body by enabling its varied systems to operate more optimally. Improved blood and lymph flow restores clean oxygenated blood to our muscles and organs and removes wasteful by-products.

Deep Tissue Massage releases tight and hypertonic muscles thereby relieving pressure on surrounding nerves, arteries and veins. Therefore the body's need for oxygen and energy is reduced.

Add the two together and what do you get?... a customized Massage Refresh massage predicated on your individual goals and needs to help YOU maintain your body's own natural balance...and it feels great.

To request an appointment, please send an email to kip@massagerefresh.com. Please include full name, contact email, preferred date for service and if you are requesting home service, complete address with zip code.  

I accept cash, credit card payments via Square and Venmo. There is an extra fee for Home Service.  Gift certificates and package discounts available!