Excellent treatment from a professional and friendly massage therapist. Kip was great and I'd definitely go back-good mix of deep tissue where it was needed.   -Nicole

A great experience. Kip was really knowledgeable about the body and could sense what needed work. I felt great after our session and the days following. I highly recommend Massage Refresh to anyone needing some deep tissue work.   -Michelle

I started coming to Kip a few months ago with problems in both my neck and shoulders. I tend to hold a lot of stress in both those places. Kip is a great massage therapist. He has helped lessen the pain with every visit. Every time I leave after my sessions with him I feel a world better. I look forward all week to see him because I know that I will leave feeling so much better, relaxed and in turn happy. He is super attentive and intuitive and really gets in there to work out the tension. He really does make a difference. I can't say enough. If you are looking to feel better, see Kip. You won't be disappointed. You won't and you can't go wrong.   -Nicky A.

I credit Kip with the lack of swelling in my hands and feet while I was pregnantHe performed regular prenatal massage that relieved all of my aches and pains while avoiding the points that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Massages from Kip do more than just relax. He really listened to me when I told him a specific issue I was having. I often get a stiff neck, but after a little work from Kip, my full range of motion is returned. Awesome!   -Jamie Y.

 Beautifully attentive! Each week I walk out feeling steady with a comfort that was not with me when I walked in. Kip aids in my life comfort and his work resonates and makes possible a more freer exposure to the rest of the week.   -Jane G.