November 2018

Depression and Massage Therapy:

There has been much written and reported about the positive effects that a simple massage can have on depression. The benefits of massage on depression have been touted on hourly news programs and television shows, covered by newspapers and magazines, and taught to prospective LMTs in massage school. However, due to the dearth of credible research on the matter, massage therapy as a treatment of depression remains controversial and difficult to quantify. The reasons for this are the placebo effect and the notion that a research trial should be double blind. Recall that a double blind trial is one in which the therapist and the subject are unaware that they are receiving treatment. This is virtually impossible to obtain in massage therapy research. However, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (March 2010), 17 studies were identified using massage therapy as a treatment of depression and all of the studies, though inconclusive because they lacked “well-designed and longer follow-up studies, including accurate outcome measures”, had “potentially significant effects” on the alleviation of depression Now, without throwing science out the window, answer me these two questions.

1. How many of you have had a massage before?

2. How many of you felt relaxed and a sense of greater energy afterwards?

Personally, I have never got off of a massage table feeling worse than I did when I got on it. So… Mr. or Mrs. Scientific research, can we for just a moment drop all pretense of what can “potentially” occur and understand that massage has for centuries made us feel good and been used as a holistic therapy to ease people’s pains whether physical, emotional, or psychological. That perhaps the science of touch itself is enough to warrant that while not being the sole treatment for depressed individuals may be a bona fide benefit to those who are suffering from depression? I agree more research needs to be done, but if it feels good and does not cause harm, then massage therapy is probably a good idea to incorporate into a depressed individual’s treatment strategy.


Massage Refresh on CNN:

In September 2011,  I was interviewed by CNN Money with Charlie Payne and spoke about the events that transpired in the past 2 years that led me down the path of becoming an LMT and hatching Massage Refresh. Due to CNN copyright laws, I am unable to post the entire video here but you may access the video via: