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Overuse injuries: What Are They and How Regular Massage Can Help.

Overuse injury is any repeated activity, whether occupational or recreational, that occurs when a series of micro-traumas to muscle tissue overloads that tissue’s ability to repair itself. In simplest terms, continuing an activity that causes strain and trauma to the muscle fibers, whether working out or running, or even just peering at a computer screen all day at work, leads to many micro-tears over time creating a cycle of tearing the remodeling scar tissue. This cycle decreases tissue strength and limits range of motion. 

Causes of overuse injuries vary and involve a variety of factors. 

  • A rapid increase in the duration and intensity of the activity.

  • Inadequate rest

  • Inappropriate or worn out shoes and equipment

  • Faulty mechanics or posture

  • Inadequate nutrition

  • Postural dysfunction

  • Muscle imbalances/weaknesses

Tell-tale symptoms of an overuse injury include: 

  • Heat and swelling over the injured site

  • Limited range of motion

  • Tightness or stiffness of the muscles

A massage therapy treatment will always depend on the presentation of symptoms as well as the stage of healing. Our goal is to limit and decrease the inflammatory process, decrease pain and reduce the fight or flight cycle. Simple Swedish relaxation techniques accomplish the task of cutting pain and raising comfort. Deep tissue massage techniques, on the other hand decrease adhesions, lengthen shortened muscles, treat postural dysfunctions and reduce trigger points throughout the body.

Tune in here for more posts in which we address specific bodily ailments and explain how regular massage can alleviate such pains and discomforts.


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