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Seasonal Allergy Relief Without Medicine

Spring is finally here. Trees and flowers are in bloom. It's a beautiful time of year, but if you're a seasonal allergy sufferer, you may wish for this time of high pollen and other seasonal allergens to quickly pass by. Fortunately, regular massage therapy can help. Stress can exacerbate the histamines released by our body to fight off the allergens. Massage therapy addresses both physiological and physical allergy symptoms by inducing a relaxed state where the body operates optimally. When we cough and sneeze we engage our ribs, neck, shoulders, and spine; all of which can be thrown out of alignment. 

Additionally, massage encourages sinus drainage. This helps to decrease inflammation brought on by allergens. There are also specific pressure points on the body that help alleviate allergy symptoms. So enjoy the blooming flowers and blossoming trees this spring. I take same-day appointments too!

Quick reminder: this Saturday, April 6, 2024, is our Grand Opening Event. The first 10 guests will receive a free 10-minute massage. Come tour the massage studio, meet Kip, and put your name in a drawing for a free 60-minute massage. Refreshments and good hospitality will also be served. We hope to see you there!


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