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Sports Massage For Off Days

It is recommended to use your off days from training to get a deep tissue massage. It helps you recover from the previous day's exertion. Are you training for an athletic event like the upcoming Run the Ranch Run? Consider using your “off days” to schedule a massage. Off days are great to ice your pains and injuries, but a sports massage focusing on areas of pain is an effective method of reducing pain.

A good sports massage stimulates blood circulation which maximizes nutrients and oxygen intake. Massage also aids the lymph system by reducing swelling caused by the metabolic by-products of exercise. I recommend to my clients who are athletes/weekend warriors to schedule regular sports massages to break down the knots developing in overused muscles. A sports massage typically includes stretching to increase flexibility and improve range of motion. The main ideas behind regular or weekly sports massage are:

  • Help prevent injuries 

  • Aid in healing injuries

  • Decrease recovery time between workouts

Remember, as you are recovering from running, hitting, throwing, catching, or lifting; whatever makes up your training regimen, be sure to add regular deep tissue massage to the menu. 

Quick reminder: this Saturday, April 6, 2024, is our Grand Opening Event. The first 10 guests will receive a free 10-minute massage. Come tour the massage studio, meet Kip, and put your name in a drawing for a free 60-minute massage. Refreshments and good hospitality will also be served. We hope to see you there!


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