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Sports Massage: Regular Maintenance Before & After Your Competition

If you are training for an event in Wise County or the DFW area, consider scheduling a massage to help recover from those days spent training. There are a few different types of Sports Massage to choose from pre-event or post-event massage. 

Pre-event massage is given before the event and is designed to warm up the muscles that will be utilized. A good pre-event massage warms up the joints so the muscles respond optimally. It gets the adrenaline pumping and sets you up for success.

Post-event massage is designed to encourage rest and digestion. It will reduce spasms and cramping as well as pain. A post-event massage promotes a faster return to activity. 

More and more sponsored events are beginning to offer pre and post-event massages on the day of the event. The next time you compete, look for a massage tent, massage therapists are usually off to the side and not always under a tent. Do yourself a favor and let a massage therapist volunteer to help take your pain away. Or if you don't want to wait in the very long line, schedule one with me. Post-event massages will give you a new understanding of what routine massage can accomplish for you in your competitive endeavors.

Deep tissue massage is not just relegated to the day of the event. A restorative or maintenance massage given on your off days while training compounds the already existing benefits of massage. It also helps your therapist stay abreast of any potential problem areas and address them accordingly promptly. 

Quick reminder: this Saturday, April 6, 2024, is our Grand Opening Event. The first 10 guests will receive a free 10-minute massage. Come tour the massage studio, meet Kip, and put your name in a drawing for a free 60-minute massage. Refreshments and good hospitality will also be served. We hope to see you there!


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