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Couples Massage Instruction, There Really Is Such A Thing

I have been receiving calls recently inquiring as to whether or not I offer couples massage. That is where a couple arrives together in a single room with two tables and two massage therapists working at the same time to relax and relieve the stresses of the day and usher in peace, tranquility and togetherness. Oftentimes a couples massage makes for a great date or celebration of an anniversary. There really isn't a limit as to when to schedule a couple's massage. I am a single practitioner with only one room and that room only has one massage table. So how do I , at Massage Refresh, offer a service that compares with traditional couple's massage?

While I do not offer a traditional couples massage with another therapist, I do, however, offer couples massage instruction. This is just as it sounds. A couple books 90 minutes with me and one of the couple gets on the table, let’s all them Person A, while the other, Person B watches as I teach them techniques on how to massage their partner. After my massage instruction is complete with Person B watching, I  then watch and instruct as they practice and uses the techniques that I just showed them on Person A.  When  our session is halfway through, the couples switch places. Person A  repeats the same process with Person B on the table.  

This is a very different couples massage session, but in many ways is a lesson that keeps giving and giving long after the session is over. Each person learns massage techniques that they can use for many future uses with their partner. I like to refer to it as giving a gift to one another that continues to reap rewards, long after our session is finished.

Book a couples massage instruction with me and find out for yourself. Many appointments are available in July. Come be Refreshed, with each other. 


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