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Depressed! How About a Massage?

How many of you have had a massage before? Did you feel relaxed and have greater energy afterwards? There has been much written and reported about the positive effects that a simple massage performed by a licensed massage therapist can have on depression. 

Depression affects an estimated 20 million Americans that can range from moderate to severe to chronic. Please understand, I am not advocating massage therapy as the sole replacement of professional treatments by physicians, psychotherapists and or psycho-pharmaceuticals. After all, massage therapy is not a cure for depression. However, massage therapy is beneficial to individuals suffering from depression and when carefully administered is a reasonable additional therapy.

Massage has for centuries made us feel good and been used as a holistic therapy to ease people’s pains whether physical, emotional, or psychological. If it feels good and does not cause harm, then massage therapy is probably a good idea to incorporate into a depressed individual’s treatment strategy.

Soothing touch or massage increases the efficiency of our rest and digest system. It helps the body operate more optimally by increasing circulation and lymph flow, decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone while at the same time increasing serotonin, the happy hormone and the levels of oxytocin, the trust hormone.

Why not massage therapy?

Whether you suffer from depression or are just wanting a relaxing massage, Massage Refresh is here for you. You can book with us online  or contact us. Let us renew your body, replenish your mind and reinvigorate your spirit.


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