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The Stress Response

When we think of our inherent response to stress, think about what you might do if someone was to suddenly throw an object at you. In that split second of response, you might try to fold in on yourself for protection. It’s what we do in normal circumstances.  In a sense, we try to roll into a ball or pull away to avert danger. It’s a natural response. (if we are not the starting nine of the Texas Rangers, anyway.)

For centuries though, our body has responded to danger the same way - curl up to protect our vitals. That is what our early ancestors did when attacked by bears or other predators. Imagine a long time ago, while hunting on the plains, all of a sudden our ancestors were faced with the challenge of live or die. It's Darwin’s evolutionary theory being tested. The most rudimentary response was to protect oneself and live another day. Thankfully, we have HEB’s in our neighborhood and we don’t encounter those same dangers. However, we have our own present day problems and our stress response has not changed much over the centuries.

Today, sometimes life gets us down. Read my recent blog post about depression. At work we have deadlines looming, bosses breathing down our necks. At home, foreclosure notices come in, hail storms, you name it. 21st Century life may be easier, but we have our own challenges. These challenges most of the time do not require us to act quick and our stress response is mostly slowed down and happens over time.

When viewing the innate stress response physiologically, our abdominals shorten which pulls the diaphragm tight, our back hunches, our head projects down and in, and our shoulders roll inward and compounds into a structural collapse. One of the goals of massage therapy is to release this collapse and improve breathing efficiency and promote increased energy.

Massage Refresh wants to help you feel better, breathe better and improve your energy levels. Book online, contact me by submitting a form from our homepage or text or call. Massage Refresh is ready to renew your body, replenish your mind and reinvigorate your spirit.


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